Awesome Atari ST Titles

Awesome Atari ST Titlesfeatured

The Motorola 68000-based Atari ST hit the scene in the mid 1980s at a pretty steep price. Adjusted for inflation, The color version of the machine costed well over $2000 ($999 in 1985), and while it certainly was a capable machine, it only enjoyed limited commercial success.

Gaming on the ST then, was a rich man’s sport but there were a lot of amazing titles that surfaced none the less. Notable Atari ST game development credits go to Jeff Minter and Peter Molyneux among others. Atari would later go on to produce more powerful machines including the Falcon, which had it’s own specialized list of titles, but that was all well into the 1990s.

So here are a few of the most notable titles you could have played on the iconic machine.

Vroom, 1991

Mercenary 2: Damocles, 1990

Falcon, 1987

Populous 2, 1992

Starglider 2, 1988

Super Sprint, 1986

Dungeon Master, 1987

Carrier Command, 1988

Sundog Frozen Legacy, 1985

Frontier Elite II, 1993

Emulating the Atari ST

So if you’re in the mood for some emulation action, here are some of the best ways to fake it.

Hatari (Windows, Mac, Linux)

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NoSTalgia (Mac)

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ARAnyM (Mac)

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