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The Best Data East Gamesfeatured

Data East was an early game developer and publisher which went belly up in 2003. I’ve not had a lot of fond memories of their titles quite frankly. I recall, even at a young age, associating their logo with games that were just not quite as fun as their competition for one reason or another.With a back catalog of around 100 titles on a variety of platforms, however, something’s got to be good right? So I’ve decided to take a second look at Data East and find a few of the better titles that they released – enjoy!


Released: 1986 / Platforms: Atari ST, IMB PC, Arcade

You are a fighter pilot going through wave after wave of enemies from a 1st Person Perspective. You control a gun-sight and you try to shoot as many planes and ground defences while you fly through the air. Your sights will automatically Lock-On to a target and you can fire a missile to hit them.

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Karate Champ

Released 1984 / Arcade, Commodore 64, Apple II, NES (1986)

Karate Champ is an action fighting game for one or two players. The players compete against each other at nine different locations to see who has the best karate skills! To win a match, the player must win two of three rounds by knocking down his opponent with a wide variety of karate moves. A full point or half a point is awarded for knocking your opponent down and the first player to gain a two point lead wins the round.

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Released 1988 / Arcade, Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, NES, ZX Spectrum

Based on the 1987 movie of the same name, RoboCop allows the player to control RoboCop. The majority of the game is a side scroller. RoboCop can punch unarmed citizens and shoot armed citizens. He can move left, right and duck but can not jump. Different weapons can be picked up from enemies, and power-ups to restore health and/or energy. Following levels, RoboCop will have to match a criminal’s face to the proper mugshot and engage in a first-person shooting bonus round.

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Released 1982 / Arcade, Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari 2600, TI 99/4A, MS-DOS, ColecoVision

To properly make a hamburger you must assemble all of the ingredients together, dropping them from higher up onto the burger area below. To actually do this you have to let Chef Pepper step over every burger ingredient. As soon as an ingredient (a piece of lettuce for instance) has been stepped on, it will fall to the level below. Falling food will squish any enemy following you and will also “bump” any other ingredient below it farther down. Also, as an emergency defense against the enemy food, you can collect pepper shakers which will allow you to puff out a small pepper cloud that will momentarily stun enemies, allowing you to walk past them.

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Released 1994 / Arcade, Neo Geo

Windjammers is based on a real-life sport known as Saucer Tennis or Frisbee Tennis. You and an opponent face off in an arena with a low net in the middle. Points are scored by throwing a disc into the goals behind a player or whenever your opponent is not able to catch the disc in time. There are two moves: a regular throw and a lob. By using quarter-circle movement, you can also add effect to the throw. To catch difficult discs, you can slide to move more quickly.

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