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The Best Data East Games

The Best Data East Gamesfeatured

Data East was an early game developer and publisher which went belly up in 2003. I’ve not had a lot of fond memories of their titles quite frankly. I recall, even at a young age, associating their logo with games that were just not quite as fun as their competition for one reason or another.

Jeff Minter

Jeff Minterfeatured

Jeff Minter created the amazing vector-powered game, Tempest and has since go on to carve out a very specific niche just on the outskirts of the video game community. Yet with more than a few titles under his belt throughout the decades it’s tough to say he’s really and outsider.

Sega’s Best Racing and Flight Games

Sega’s Best Racing and Flight Gamesfeatured

Sega had an uncanny method for creating a real visceral feeling of motion in their arcade racing titles. The secret sauce was known as Super-Scaler technology and it allowed the game engine to resize the sprite objects quickly to achieve a pseudo-3D effect whilst maintaining a very high frame rate.

5 of the Best Arcade Marquees

5 of the Best Arcade Marqueesfeatured

Arcade Marquees were an important component of audience attraction in the era of the video arcade. Often times these pieces of custom artwork were masterpieces in their own right and held an important role in establishing the ambience of both the game itself and the overall game room.

The Arcade Has Grown Up

The Arcade Has Grown Upfeatured

The arcade has re-emerged in fantastic style, at least if you’re on the east coast. Barcade first opened it’s doors in 2004 in Brooklyn and has been merging craft beer and classic arcade games ever since.