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The Best Indie Games of 2014

The Best Indie Games of 2014featured

2014 probably won’t go down in history as one of the best years in video gaming. Players of all kinds suffered through delays, bugs and even hacks on both Xbox Live and PSN. Despite the disappointments though, there was a shining beacon of light in ’14 and it was the indie games.

A Look Back at Access Software Games

A Look Back at Access Software Gamesfeatured

Access Software, the studio formed in 1982 by Bruce Carver brought the early computer game world numerous gems including the Links series and two Tex Murphy games. There’s an entire history of the studio, including their acquisition by Microsoft and their name change(s), on Wikipedia if you’re interested. I just thought it would be great to Read more

Awesome Atari ST Titles

Awesome Atari ST Titlesfeatured

The Motorola 68000-based Atari ST hit the scene in the mid 1980s at a pretty steep price. Adjusted for inflation, The color version of the machine costed well over $2000 ($999 in 1985), and while it certainly was a capable machine, it only enjoyed limited commercial success.

The Best Data East Games

The Best Data East Gamesfeatured

Data East was an early game developer and publisher which went belly up in 2003. I’ve not had a lot of fond memories of their titles quite frankly. I recall, even at a young age, associating their logo with games that were just not quite as fun as their competition for one reason or another.

5 Of The Best Original First Person Shooters

5 Of The Best Original First Person Shootersfeatured

Nothing better embodies the advancement in computer processing technology like video games. Unlike spreadsheets, web surfing and page layout – all of which are, of course, more efficient on a new computer – video games really get the processor cycles moving.

5 of the Best Adventure Games

5 of the Best Adventure Gamesfeatured

The adventure game has been around for decades. It’s certainly among the most mature of game genres and has undergone just enough advancement over the years to keep the formula fresh, while maintaining a sense of familiarity.