The Future Was 8-Bit.. and a Commodore Laptop.

The Future Was 8-Bit.. and a Commodore Laptop.featured

So here’s a home brew builder who’s gone mad and decided that the world needs a Commodore 64 laptop. 

WP_20140227_22_46_13_Pro-4x3At this point the ambitious project – dubbed the C64p – has been completed after some serious prototyping, and the portable can be purchased on eBay and, one would imagine, directly from the builder if the price is right. All indications are that this isn’t just an emulator crammed into an ill-fitting laptop enclosure – this appears to be the real deal.

So if you’re in the mood to get into some classic Commodore 64 gaming and you don’t feel like emulating, this might just be the ticket. Here’s a link to an eBay listing if you’re interested.


7″ TFT (480×234 Pixel) 4:3/16:9 + Infra Red Remote
Mouse pad emulates a 1350 Joystick mode mouse in port 2
Joystick Port x2
IEC (Disk/Printer) Port (Rear)
SD2IEC (Left)
Diskswap button (Left)
SD2IEC button Root/Reset (Left)
Speakers x2
Volume (Rear)
Power/Charge (Rear)
C64dtv Reset (Bottom)
C64dtv firmware upgradable via Joy2
LED – Green – Power
LED – Orange – Charge – Bright full charge rate – Dim trickle charge
 LED – Blue – SD2IEC
1800mAh Battery (Runtime approx. 3.5hrs depending on system load)
Audio/Video out (Option, the output isn’t switched so the display is dimmed)
100-250vAC Asus Charger

Source: The Future Was 8-bit

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